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How to compress MOV files for youtube 2020?

ontiva July 4, 02020 No comment

Ans: You can compress the MOV file for YouTube by using a converter. As you are going to compress files for YouTube, you must choose the best YouTube converter online to ensure the standard quality. You must know that a converter may harm the quality while compressing the file. For better results, make sure you are using a good converter. I would suggest you choose Ontiva’s YouTube converter to get a professional-grade result. This is not a software or app. This website-based converter works in minimal time and is harmless for your device. You don’t need to install this converter in your device. Moreover, it requires no personal information to convert anything free.

As you are trying to compress the MOV file for YouTube, you must know the fundamentals of this file format. You can say MOV is the other side of the same coin of MP4. They are from the same genre and quality. MOV is popular in apple devices and MP4 is popular worldwide due to its quality and easy accessing capability. 

You should choose MP4 format while converting the MOV file into another file to ensure the best quality. You can upload a MOV file directly on YouTube. Compressing the file into MP4 may reduce some size also.

Follow the steps to convert your MOV file for YouTube. Open Ontiva’s YouTube video converter in a browser and go to YouTube. See the uploading option beside the search box of the converter on the top. Click here to upload your MOV file to convert. Once the video is uploaded, select the format you want to convert, such as MP4 in this case. You can go with the default setting also. Select the bit rate if needed. Click on the start button to begin the conversion. After finishing the conversion, set a location to download the converted file in your device. 

After downloading the file, you have the chance to edit and join the file by the easy tools of this converter. The authority of this converter offers you three video and audio services free converting, cutting, and joining tracks. Here, you don’t need to be an expert to do these jobs. The converter will get you to the finish line. 

To avoid any kind of inconvenience, turn off your antivirus from the device. A strong internet connection will help you to get the operation quick. Have a try directly on the site free. You will see the operation live.