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There are tons of amazing video content on YouTube. Regardless of what your interests are, there is something for you on the platform. And watching these YouTube videos can be great. But one downside is that you can only enjoy them online (or within the app). Also, there are only videos and no audio. Some people love listening to their favorite background sounds, shows, or music while busy. Yet others simply have a preference for audio over videos. If you belong to either group, you may be disappointed by YouTube’s video-only feature. However, this problem has a solution – converting from YouTube to mp3.

If you have ever felt like relaxing after a tiresome day with some music only for network to go downhill, you must know the dreadful feeling. Saving those songs that keep playing in your head to your device playlist can help in such a scenario. This prevents the hassle of worrying about the network while trying to relax. And it does save time. There are many means of converting YouTube to mp3 and you want to do it right. This article, thus, considers how to convert YouTube video to mp3.

How to convert YouTube videos to mp3

It is important to note that various YouTube to mp3 tools have their unique steps for conversion. However, there are common features among the techniques of the sites. Here are the general steps to take to convert YouTube to mp3:

  • Choose the video you want to convert.
  • Copy its link.
  • Paste it into the search box of a YouTube to mp3 converter.
  • Choose the download format that you want. Some converters may, however, only have an option to choose audio quality.

Besides slight variations in form, the above process works for a good number of converters. Let us now see the individual methods of converting YouTube videos to mp3 for a few converter sites.

Sites that accept YouTube video conversion

The following are five out of several sites that allow you to convert YouTube videos to mp3. You will find that their processes are not difficult to follow.

  1. YtMp3 Video Converter

YtMp3 is quite a simple site in comparison with its counterparts. Its interface is straight to the point. It has neither an advanced track-edit option nor an audio quality feature. How can you convert YouTube videos to mp3 on YtMp3?

Step 1. Copy the URL link of the YouTube video.

Step 2. Visit the YtMp3 site.

Step 3. Paste the URL link in the text box.

Step 4. Choose the target format you desire, either mp3 or mp4.

Step 5. Press the ‘Convert button’ to initiate the process.

Step 6. After the conversion process is complete, you can download the mp3 or mp4 file to your local drive. You can even store it on Dropbox.

YtMp3 is highly reputable because of its numerous upsides. For one, it offers a very high download and conversion speed. Also, it does not contain any hidden pop-ups or ads and is virus-free. The toolbar-free website is also apt and usually requires only 2 minutes to complete conversions. Again, it provides web beacons and cookies to grant you a problem-free service in the future. The video to mp3 converter offers a clean and orderly user-interface. And it is most suitable for non-commercial use. Its numerous pro features make it most preferred by many.

2. OnlineVideoConverter

This online aid dates back to 2008. OnlineVideoConverter is one of those YouTube video converters that have only a few disappointments. It requires an insanely long time to reboot and only works on Android devices. However, it is quite easy to use and gets you what you want. How does one convert YouTube to mp3 with OnlineVideoConverter? Here are the steps:

Step 1: Launch the YouTube app.

Step 2: Scout for your favorite music video.

Step 3. Copy the URL link of the video to your clipboard.

Step 4. Now, visit the OnlineVideoConverter site.

Step 5. Paste the video link in the first field.

Step 6. Choose an audio format from the drop-down menu. Although its default format is Mp3, other options are available.

You can choose from: acc., .ogg, .mp4a, .wma, .flac, or .wav. And if a video format is what you seek, then you can choose from: .mp4, .m4v,.mov, .flv, .avi, .mpg, or .wmv.

Step 7. Click on the hyperlink “More Settings”  to access more video conversion options.

Step 8. Select the conversion length.  Simply put, it is the part of your time you would like to convert. How can you do this? Unmark the box next to the beginning of the video. Then, input the time index for your video to begin.

And if you choose to convert the video all the way, you can. All you need is to mark the box “end of the video”, or type an end time index instead.

Step 9. Select the audio quality of the file according to your need. Its default value is 192kbps, but it can go as high as 320kbps. When using a headset of good quality, the maximum audio quality would be most enjoyable.

Step 10. If you find your settings satisfactory so far, press the “start button” to commence the conversion. This might take a while depending on the internet connection, video length, audio quality, and format.

Step 11.  Download the tune to your local drive once the video conversion is successful. All options for download are available on the upper-right corner of the screen. You can either save your file to your local drive or hard drive. You can download saved files by scanning the QR code on display or from your Dropbox account.

There are several pros of this video to mp3 converter. It works with all the latest web browsers and does not leave you hanging halfway through a conversion. The conversions are ultra-fast, and you can choose for yourself an audio or video format. Lastly, this online tool supports almost a dozen other video sharing website, so it is highly reliable.

3. DL YouTube MP3

You can describe the process of this online tool in three familiar words. Copy, paste, and download. What more? It is free. It gets the job done with these 6 steps.

Step 1. Copy the URL link of the video you desire.

Step 2. Go to the site DL YouTube MP3.

Step 3. Paste the video’s URL link in the text box.

Step 4. Give that search icon a tap.

Step 5. Choose the video or audio format you desire. It can be either mp3 or mp4.

Step 6. Whatever ads pop-up close them and wait till the conversation is complete.

Step 7. To save your converted file, click on the download link on display. You can now save your tune on your local drive.

4. SaveMP3

Although you might encounter more ads here than in the previously mentioned sites, do not be quick to decide that it is not worth a try. Instead, it has quite the similarities with the YouTube MP3 converter. Now, how do you put this YouTube to mp3 converter to good use?

Step 1. Copy the URL link of any video.

Step 2. Visit the site SaveMP3.

Step 3. Paste the URL link in the text box.

Step 4. Click the button “Download Now”.

Step 5. To save a copy of your tune using the 320kbps audio format, click on the button “Best download”. If not, you could scroll down and select another format of your choice. Once you find one, click on the button “download” next to it then leave the rest to your network.

5. 2Conv

The last on this list, but certainly not the least, is 2Conv. Its super-fast video-audio converter features a free downloadable Windows agent. This tool is in no way difficult to use. Here is how to convert YouTube videos to mp3 with 2Conv:

Step 1. Copy the URL link of the video of your choice.

Step 2. Go to 2Conv.

Step 3. Paste the URL link in the text box.

Step 4. Next to the convert button, select an audio-video format from the drop-down menu.

Step 5. When that is complete, click the Convert button.

Step 6. The download link will appear in seconds on a redirect page when the download is complete. If the screen goes blank due to an ad, then return to the previous page. After a couple of seconds, an option will appear to close the ad on the upper-right corner of the screen.

Step 7. Click on the button “download” on the next screen to save a copy of your new tune on your local drive.

These five are only a few among the top YouTube video converting sites. It is up to you to find which one best suits your needs. Regardless of the converter, the process is easy. Yet, converting YouTube videos to audio has its pros and cons. Here are some that you should know:

Pros of converting YouTube videos

No doubts, that you can listen to a downloaded audio file whenever you wish is a paramount advantage. Still, there are several other benefits of converting your YouTube videos to mp3 format. Below are some pros of converting a YouTube video to mp3.

  • YouTube to mp3 conversion saves and optimizes the storage of your Device(s)

You may want to compare the size of a music video and that of the music audio. You can download a music video HD quality at 10mb and the mp3 format at only 3 or 4mb. Thus, you can save about 25 audio files in a space where you can only store about 11 video files. And this is because mp3 files require lesser storage space than their mp4 counterparts. So before you get the “insufficient storage space” warning, you may want to start converting your YouTube videos to mp3.

  • You get improved sound quality

What is a good jam if one cannot enjoy its sound? When you start thinking of converting a YouTube video to mp3 format, you may consider the sound quality. You would want to ensure that the sound quality does not and will not vary after converting and downloading. And so, by using video converters such as DL YouTube mp3, Ytmp3, and the online video converter, you can get guaranteed high sound quality even better than that of the mp4 format.

  • It improves the load speed

The storage requirement of YouTube videos considerably reduces their initialization speed. And this has a great effect on the number of times the video initializes. Thus, a video may take several minutes before it finally loads. Bear in mind that a video requires a much larger bandwidth than audio or an mp3 file. So, by converting the YouTube video to an mp3 file, one simply improves the load speed. As such, it relieves you of the misery of waiting several minutes before you can listen to your favorite hits.

  • Listening to awesome YouTube soundtracks and music as audio files is more convenient

For one thing, you can locate the files in your device easily. Again, it saves the cost that repeated streaming could result to. To say an mp3 file is convenient means it is portable. You can listen to mp3 or audio files as you go about your daily routine. Also, you can listen to them wherever you like. This is different from what is attainable with YouTube videos. Therefore, by converting a YouTube video to mp3 format, you make it portable and easier to use. You can decide to move around listening to it without causing danger to yourself or anyone else. After all, you do not need to focus on a video as you walk or work.

  • You can create your personal Audio Book

If you have kids, this is something to try. There are some animations that are perfect for this kind of transformation. Children’s stories that do not need much explaining can easily be converted into an audiobook or audio drama. You might find YouTube videos of people reading a part of their own book or a short story. Then, you could decide to convert these stories and listen to them at your leisure time.

Cons of converting YouTube videos

There are a couple of downsides to converting YouTube videos to mp3. And one must be wary of them while aiming to enjoy the perks already mentioned. Below are two of them:

  • It is not easy to get an efficient mp3 converter

It is true that tons of YouTube to mp3 converters exist. However, it is not true that they all function properly. Unfortunately, some of them can be data-consuming and time-wasting or riddled with ads. Besides these basic few, there are other challenges that some converters pose. For example, some do not allow for conversions of more than one video at a time. Others will not permit you to change the quality of the audio file after conversion. Again, there are some that do not support videos that are longer than an hour. Either one or a combination of several of the above can be frustrating. This will, however, not be a problem if you can find a converter that suits you. It will be even better if it is efficient and reliable.

  • You are at risk of a legal breach

To start with, this does not mean that every time you convert YouTube to mp3, you commit illegality. Rather it is, in reality, only a caveat or warning that there is such a risk. The issue of whether converting YouTube videos to mp3 is legal continues to tug the minds of many. These people who would love to get some YouTube videos in mp3 format end up not doing the conversion anyway. However, the fact is that not all YouTube to mp3 conversions are legally wrong. It all depends on the video. Here is how it works.

Some videos that you find on YouTube are copyrighted while others are not. Still, some are “public domain” videos and others are not. Any member of the public, including you, can use any of these public domain videos. The opposite is the case for private videos. As for copyrighted videos, only people with copyrights to a video can download or copy the video. Therefore, if a video is not yours or you do not have its copyrights, you cannot download it at your own volition. That would be copyright infringement. Obtaining permission from its owner will, however, keep you from committing a breach. So, in summary, you can download or convert your personal YouTube videos to mp3. Since you made them, you have ownership and copyrights. For videos that are not yours, however, you must make sure that they are non-copyrighted or in the public domain. If they are, first seek the owner’s permission before going ahead to convert. It is easy to find videos that you can download without their owner’s permission. Simply search YouTube for non-copyrighted videos.

As seen, converting YouTube to mp3 does not necessarily equal a breach or legal wrong. Yet, this qualifies as a con because if you are not careful, you may fall into the risk of copyright infringement. Take note that Google could take action if anyone violates their Terms of Service by downloading YouTube videos without permission.


There is an increasing number of YouTube to mp3 converter sites on the internet. This will remain since there continues to be a need for them. Many people would enjoy having YouTube content in mp3. Yet, not many of them have a clue how to begin. This guide examined how to convert YouTube videos to mp3. Once you get the right YouTube to mp3 converter, the steps can be very easy. Weighing the pros and cons of YouTube to mp3 conversion lets you enjoy its benefits on the front foot.

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