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How To Convert Youtube Videos To MP2

Good quality and portability are features you may seek when deciding which format to convert a YouTube video to. In that case, mp2 is a great option for you. Converting YouTube videos to mp2 is a fine way to enjoy high sound-quality audio at your convenience. This article takes a look at the mp2 format. It highlights the guidelines for converting YouTube to mp2, as well as its benefits and possible disadvantages.

What is mp2?

The mp2 format is an audio file format used with MPEG audio stream. While the mp2 format stores audio files, its more popular counterpart, mp3, overshadows it. Its main feature is how the audio files are compressed to take less space. Mp2 audio files can be played on most devices, though not all. Since mp3 is more popular, audio players are programmed to play mp3 audio files primarily. This means that mp2 might not be okay with some audio players. In such cases, you would need to have a file converter.

Advantages of YouTube to mp2 conversion

Converting YouTube to mp2 has a number of advantages. Here are some of them: 

  • Space

Mp2 has a high compression rate which takes up the least amount of storage required. Many of the YouTube video converters allow you to convert to mp2. This is because the usage of storage on your device is not unlimited. And these converter sites take this into account. They ensure that while you are converting files, you do not use up too much space. This is an important advantage as it allows you to convert and download a lot.

  • Cost

YouTube has undeniably one of the largest libraries of media. The only way you would be getting all the great perks is if you pay for YouTube premium. Not everyone is included to pay for services like that. For example, only those in the 95 countries served by the premium version can benefit. Besides, not everyone to whom the services are available can afford them. Thus, this presents a problem. The simple solution to this problem would be to use converters. Video converters will take the video you are interested in and turn it to an mp2 file. By doing this, you can manage to avoid having to get a monthly payment plan for YouTube. 

  • Portability

Using a video converter to turn YouTube videos to mp2 is a great way to use it in daily activities. It is a huge bother to have YouTube open on your phone all day. For instance, say you are taking a walk in the park, you do not need to have YouTube open. All you need to do is convert the YouTube video to an mp2 file. With this done, you can go about your daily activities with your phone in your pocket. It is also a great way to be able to incorporate music in your daily life without having to rely on YouTube. An important benefit of using a YouTube video converter is that the mp2 file is now transferrable. This means that the converted mp2 file can be sent between different devices. If you want to, you can send the converted file to your laptop or another device.

  • Better sound quality

The main focus of videos is usually on how clear it appears. This is often to the detriment of the video’s audio quality. This does not mean that the quality of the audio of YouTube videos is sub-par. It simply means that the audio is not its main focus and so it is not so great. Converting the YouTube video to an mp2 file will sharpen the sound and bring out the details. This is especially important for music lovers who appreciate audio. With the best of the video converters, you can get the best quality of audio that you wish.

  • Speed

The whole process of converting your selected YouTube videos to mp2 can be done in minutes. It is a very fast process so you can enjoy the mp2 file as soon as it is done. The time taken to copy the YouTube link and click convert is short. This can happen in minutes.

Disadvantages of converting YouTube to mp2

YouTube to mp2 conversion comes with a few disadvantages. Let us consider some of them.

  • Risk of malware

Services that are available online can have certain risks associated with them. While converting YouTube videos to mp2 has its many benefits, it is not without its disadvantages. One of the most dangerous is the risk of malware. A lot of the sites where you can convert your YouTube videos to mp2 files are security risks. This means that the site has no security protocol to guard its users. In using some of these sites, you may expose your device to malicious malware. Malware is capable of causing a lot of trouble so it is imperative to use verified sites and apps. 

  • Risk of breaching YouTube’s Terms of Service

YouTube highly prioritizes and protects the copyright of those who own videos within the platform. As such, it has strict rules that govern the usage, storage, and sharing of videos. Any unlawful use or distribution of YouTube videos will be subject to the prescribed penalty in their Terms of Services. You will find it helpful to convert only non-copyrighted videos. And if you must convert a video with copyright, then you must first obtain permission from the copyright owner. To be safe, ensure that you understand their copyright policy before you undergo any YouTube video conversion.

  • Possibility of poor quality

While converting the YouTube videos to mp2 may provide better audio quality, it is not guaranteed. The quality of your mp2 file is largely dependent on the site you use to convert it. Some sites may be using outdated technology. And so, the quality of the audio file may subpar.

  • Single conversion rate

The sites that can convert YouTube videos to mp2 cannot do so with multiple files. While the process of converting is fast, it can only be done one at a time. This can make the process of converting quite tedious and exasperating. 

How to convert YouTube to mp2

Converting a YouTube video has never been easier than it is today. There are a lot of good converters that are available for you to pick from. There are even apps that can be used to easily convert YouTube videos to mp2. While these apps and sites are different in certain ways, they all seem to follow a distinct pattern. The general steps are as follows:

  • Get to the YouTube video you wish to convert.
  • Copy the link of the video.
  • Browse to the location of your chosen video converter
  • Select the file format you wish to download the video in, which is mp2 in this case.
  • Convert.
  • Enjoy your newly converted mp2 file.

It is worthy to note that there are also mobile applications that help convert YouTube videos to mp2. These apps have similar ways of conversion with how it is done on websites.

Sites that convert YouTube videos to mp2

The easiest and fastest way to convert your desired YouTube videos to mp2 files is by using online means. These sites make it super easy to convert YouTube to audio files of high quality that you can enjoy. 

  1. Conversion-Tool 

This is a great way to convert your YouTube videos to mp2. At no cost at all conversion tools allows you to convert to a range of formats. Not only can you convert YouTube videos, but you can also convert from other video sources. This particular YouTube converter gives you more control over what you save the file as. It is a great service to use to convert YouTube videos to audio. An amazing feature if this site is the ability to convert from one file format to another. This is done on any device, whether mobile or a laptop. Conversion tools are an online resource open to all at no price. With a wide selection of file formats, it is a great resource. The user interface is clean and straight to the point. And all that you need to convert your file is on the landing page. This makes it so much easier to use. Here is the procedure for using the free services of this YouTube converter:

  • Get to the location of the YouTube video you wish to convert.
  • Copy the link of the video.
  • Browse to the location of your chosen video converter.
  • Select the file format you wish to download the video in.
  • Enjoy your converted mp2 file.
  1. aTube Catcher

Here is another video converter that allows conversion from tons of video sharing sites. After you download the converted file, you can share it with other devices and media players. aTube Catcher supports download to several formats other than mp2, such as 3gp, AVI, mp3, and mp4. If you would like to burn your videos in DVD/VCD after conversion, you can do so. This converter can burn videos without letting you use other third-party software. The software is free, safe, and clean. It even has a multilanguage interface. The software, however, only works with Windows devices. The following is what you need to do to convert YouTube to mp3 with aTube Catcher:

  • Copy the YouTube video’s link.
  • Open the aTube Catcher site and paste the link in the URL box.
  • Select mp2 out of the several download options.
  • Click download and wait until the file completely downloads.
  • Click on “Convert to mp2”.
  1. Wondershare Uniconverter 

Using this converter guarantees you quality and speed. One of the best features of Wondershare Uniconverter is its unlimited ability to convert. This means you can convert files from one form to another with various selections. Before you can take advantage of the services, however, you need to download the software. You can do this on your personal computer or device. This amazing service is not free though. To get it, head to the home page and click on either “Try now” or “Buy”. It may seem strange buying a converter when there are free ones. However, some features set the Wondershare Uniconverter apart. It is not just a converter but also a video editing software. It has several powerful functions that make it worth the price. Here is to how to use their amazing services after getting the software:

  • Install and Launch the software on your device.
  • Log in with your Wondershare Id (top right corner of the screen)
  • Download the YouTube video with Wondershare.
  • Select the file format you want it in.
  • Choose the mp2 format.
  • You can also pick the quality of the file format.
  • When extracted, your desired file will be under the converted tab.
  1. Convertio 

This is one of the most straightforward converters that there are. On the landing page, you will find a search box. Here, you paste the link to your YouTube video. In just a few steps, you can convert your video to any format. There is also the option to upload the video locally from your device. All you need to do is paste in the URL for the intended YouTube video to convert. This site also offers a wide range of other formats to convert to/from. This makes it all the more powerful and appealing. There is no requirement to sign up or buy anything. A particular feature of Convertio that sets it apart is the security. As mentioned above, security can be a huge risk when converting files. Convertio goes a step further and protects the user from malware. Using this converter insulates you from having your devices infected. These are the easy steps for using this converter site:

  • Copy the YouTube video’s URL.
  • On the Convertio site, you will find a “Choose Files” box. Select “URL” in the drop-down menu beside it. Then paste in the URL that you earlier copied.
  • Choose mp2 as your preferred file format.
  • Download your converted file.

Bottom Line

From this article, it is clear to see that aside its cons, conversion to mp2 has its pros. There is no denying how much space one can save up by using the mp2 format. Its cost-efficiency is another factor you would want to consider. And not to forget its portability, among others. Although malware and poor audio quality are a possibility, there is no need to fret. The highlighted sites in this article, among others, will ensure you do not have those to worry about. That said, when next you want to convert a YouTube video to audio format, you may want to consider mp2.

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