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How To Convert Youtube Videos To MP4

The beauty of file formats is that they are versatile. You can convert one file into various other formats. And each new format has its unique features. This lets you enjoy one file in several ways to fit a wide range of situations. YouTube videos continue to be subject to file conversions as people seek to experience the same versatility with them. This is undoubtedly because most people want to enjoy them over and over again at their convenience. You might be one of these people and wonder how to convert your favorite YouTube content. This YouTube to mp4 guide contains what you need to know about converting YouTube videos to mp4. 

What is mp4?

Some people consider mp4 to be only a newly-improved version of the mp3 format. In reality, it is not. Mp4 is the common term for a file format called MPEG-4 Part 14. As opposed to mp3, which stores only audio, mp4 is a digital multimedia container format. It stores the data for files, rather than the codes. In addition to audio, mp4 files also could contain images, videos, and even text (subtitles). Mp4 uses a lossless compression technique. As such, it does not decrease the quality of the original file. It is also great for streaming over the internet as it delivers excellent quality. The format is compatible with multiple-media players.

How to convert YouTube videos to mp4

All YouTube to mp4 conversion tools essentially follow the same format. This involves only a few clicks. Irrespective of the converter you use, below is the general procedure for converting YouTube to mp4:

  • Find the video you have in mind to convert and copy its URL.
  • Open any YouTube to mp4 converter.
  • Paste the URL in the provided space.
  • Select “.mp4” as your download format if required.
  • Click on “convert”, “save”, or “download”, as the case might be, to begin your conversion. 
  • Choose a storage location to keep the converted file. You can enjoy your mp4 download anytime henceforth.

Sites that convert YouTube to mp4

YouTube to mp4 conversion tools abound online. Yet, some are more efficient than others. Choosing a good converter will save you from the pitfall of downloading viruses or malware. It will also ensure that you get the most of your time and data. Here are seven YouTube to mp4 conversion sites that you may consider using: 

  1. Ymp4 

This online YouTube to mp4 converter is free and easy to use. It does not require you to sign up before you begin. You just have to open, convert, and go. Ymp4 allows unlimited downloads of YouTube videos. The site is user-friendly as it is available in 14 languages. These include Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian, to mention some. It also provides an option to reach them by e-mail if there is a problem. Regardless of its name, Ymp4 also supports YouTube to mp3 conversions. Below is the three-step process to take to convert YouTube to mp4 with Ymp4.

  • Step 1: Get the link to the video that you intend to convert. You may either copy the URL to your clipboard or write it out with a paper and pen. 
  • Step 2: Paste the link into the search box on Ymp4’s home page. If you wrote it out, then typing it into the box will work just the same. Then, click on Go.
  • Step 3: Select mp4 when the options for conversion formats come up and download. 
  1. Clip Converter 

Using Clip Converter, you can convert videos to various audio formats of your choice. Even more, you can make such conversions with ease. The following are steps to follow when using Clip Converter as your converting site:

  • Step 1: Copy the link of the video that you desire to convert.
  • Step 2: Paste the link of the video in the box “video URL” and click Continue.
  • Step 3: Choose the format you would like to convert your video to. Generally and for most videos, the default format is best. However, you would need to select mp4 at this stage to get your conversion done.
  • Step 4: Click on the start button at the bottom of the page to begin the conversion. You might need to wait several minutes afterward.
  • Step 5: Now, your mp4 file is ready for you to download.
  1. Y2Mate 

This online YouTube converter is free in every sense of the word. It does not require any form of registration or downloaded software. Y2mate is fast and easy to use for video-audio conversions. It also allows you to download videos directly from YouTube. How can you utilize this amazing site? The following are the steps you require to convert the video you desire:

  • Step 1: Copy the URL link of the video you wish to convert.
  • Step 2: Paste the link of the video into the search box. If you did not follow the first step, you just have to type the URL keywords into the box.
  • Step 4: Before you click the “Download button”, select the files output format. 
  • Step 5: After clicking download, wait till the video conversion is complete. Now, you can download your newly-converted audio. Y2mate also allows you to upload your audio to the cloud.
  1. PointMp4 

PointMp4 is quite different from other online converting sites. It comes with browser extensions. Such extensions automatically add a download button to every site you visit. This saves the time that you would need to copy-and-paste your video link. Immediately you click on the download button, these extensions launch download. Yes, it is that easy.

PointMp4 is compatible with any browser or device you may find yourself using. It is free from viruses. What do you need to do to convert using this converter tool?

  • Step 1: Get the link to the video that you have in mind to convert.
  • Step 2: Paste it into the search box and hit the search button.
  • Step 3: Scroll to the bottom of the new page and click the download button. The default format is mp4. And that is great because it offers optimum quality. Pi
  • Step 4: Wait till the download is complete. The once blue button turns green and displays “downloaded”. Now, your mp4 file is ready.
  1. OnlineVideoConverter 

This online site is highly compatible with several modern browsers. It also supports various online video portals. OnlineVideoConverter does not require any form of registration before you can access it. Neither does it require you to install software for it. Its conversions are free, without limits, and of high speed. Here is how to do it:

  • Step 1: Copy the link of the video you would like to convert.
  • Step 2: Visit the OnlineVideoConverter and paste it into the “paste link here” box.
  • Step 3: From the box below, ensure the output format is mp4.
  • Step 4: Hit the start button below the format box.
  • Step 5: A new screen will appear. On it, select the resolution with which to download your mp4 file. You can do this by clicking the download button beside your chosen resolution.
  • Step 6: The mp4 format of the file you wish to convert will be played. Click on the last button to your right to download. Your mp4 file is ready.
  1. SaveClipBro 

SaveClipBro is a site that does not limit video conversions to YouTube. It converts videos from other platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and others. Also, it supports video conversion to various formats. It provides you with an array of video qualities, be it full HD, SD, or low.

Another feature of SaveClipBro is that it allows you to edit the audio file further. It also makes it possible for you to change the size of the file, length of footage, and others. You can even use the QR scan code of the converted file to download it to your phone. Below are the steps to take when converting with SaveClipBro:

  • Step 1: Copy the link of the video in question.
  • Step 2: Paste the video’s link into the provided box.
  • Step 3: In the box below the first, select mp4 as your output format as it is set to MP3.
  • Step 4: Click the button ‘convert it’ below the first two boxes.
  • Step 5: In the page to appear, select the action you would like to take. You can either edit further or return to the homepage if you got the wrong link. You can also save the converted file to Dropbox.
  • Step 6: If you do not want to take any of these extra actions, click the button ‘download your converted file’.
  • Step 7: The download commences instantly after the click of that button. And when the process is complete, you can enjoy your mp4 file.
  1. KeepVid 

This online converting site is free and allows you to handle conversions easily. It renders quick download services and support from various websites. These include Netflix, Instagram, Facebook, among others. The following are the steps to take when using the KeepVid converter:

  • Step 1: Copy the link of the video you want to convert.
  • Step 2: Paste the video’s link into KeepVid’s search box.
  • Step 3: Select the “Download Now” button to begin the process of conversion. In cases where this button does not respond, right-click it and select the “save/download as” button.

Advantages of converting YouTube to mp4

The following advantages are the reasons why you should consider converting YouTube to mp4:

  • Convenience

Saving a YouTube video that you like as an mp4 file in your device is highly convenient. This is because you get to play them with a media player of your choice at any time. You can also share the file with your other device(s). This means you get more options with which you can enjoy the files.

  • High quality

With mp4, you get a significantly high degree of compression. Yet, only very little and insignificant loss of quality takes place. Mp4 makes no compromise in delivering good audio quality.

  • More features than mp3

Mp3 might be the “king of the audio format” but that is all its strength. Due to its faults, it is not as good as mp4. Not only does the format store audio but also text, image, and high-quality videos. And it is this feature that gives mp4 more flexibility. 

  • Compatibility

Since mp4 files contain varying data types, they are not player-specific. This makes them compatible with various multimedia players. Examples of these are QuickTime and Real Player. As a result, you can enjoy them on any such player in your device, any time. 

Disadvantages of converting YouTube to mp4

Not everything about YouTube to mp4 conversion is positive. Below are some of the disadvantages associated with converting YouTube videos to mp4:

  • More space

“More” is often a good thing but not when it has to do with space-consumption. Premium output quality from converting YouTube to mp4 means storing relatively large files in your device. This, in turn, will consume more space than storing mp3 files will.

  • Takes longer time to view online

It may take a longer total time frame to view a video online in mp4 format. This will occur if the site requires you to hold on for pre-buffering. This time spent before playing the content could increase the total viewing duration.

  • Has its risks

Having numerous YouTube to mp4 converter tools in existence gives us a variety to choose from. Yet, it also increases the possibility of getting to use an unsafe converter. Some of these converters may introduce malware or viruses into your device. To avoid this, opt for trusted YouTube to mp4 converters. Also, by engaging in YouTube video conversion, you face the risk of getting into a copyright-related issue. Again, to avoid this, ensure that the video you seek to convert is non-copyrighted. And if it is not, make sure that you have the permission of the copyright owner. Only then will it be legally safe for you to convert the video.

Wrapping Up

YouTube to mp4 conversion does not have to seem technical. With knowledge of the right tools and steps, conversion to mp4 can be easy. Mp4 format is best if you want to stream online. It also works great if you want to save YouTube videos in a high-quality and subtitled format. The points highlighted in this article are what you need to efficiently convert YouTube to mp4. By following the outlined steps, you can enjoy the benefits of converting YouTube videos you desire to mp4.

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