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How to download YouTube as mp2 2020?

You have to convert the YouTube videos into mp2 to run them on the iPod. MP2 is a rare media format that is not regular in the present media industry. You will find the kingdom of MP2 format in the Radio and TV industry while broadcasting. The specialty of this format is the audio quality. Without any disturbance, this file can hold standard level audio quality with a small size. TV and Radio industries still use this format for live telecasting and preserve data in their storage. MP3 is the upgraded version from MPEG3 where MP2 belongs to the MPEG2. MP3 is the small brother of the MP2 that gets popularity worldwide at present.

You cannot turn a YouTube video into an MP2 format without any converter. In this case, you will find a few converters that offer you this file format. I would suggest you choose Ontiva’s YouTube video converter to get standard quality output. This is the only website that offers you all the video and audio services under one platform. This converter facilitates you to customize the bit rate manually as you want. One more important thing is that you are going to run the mp2 file on your iPod. So I must be aware of creating any junk file.

To convert YouTube videos to mp2 format, you have to go through some easy steps. Just open Ontiva’s YouTube converter in your browser and let it run. Go to YouTube and search for your video that you want to convert. Copy the link of the video and come to the converter. Paste the link on the search box in the converter. It will collect the video data automatically. Then, set the format from the list such as MP2 in this case. Select the bit rate regarding the video quality. Click on the start button and let it convert the file. After the conversion, set the location where you want to download the file and click on the download button. It will download the file automatically.

To avoid any kind of inconvenience, you need a sound internet connection with your device. Turn off the antivirus in your device. You may have to take permission from the apple store to run this operation. Just allow this converter to run in your browser. You can convert the mp2 file into mp3 anytime following the same way to run the file in other devices. 

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