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File formats are so versatile. One type of file format can be converted into another in an instance. And every file format comes with its attribute. Getting files from YouTube is ever in-demand. For one thing, the platform remains the internet’s go-to place to obtain the most interesting video content. The video files contained on this website include how-to videos, songs, comedy skits, movies, educational classes, etc.

Another reason why YouTube has seen a rise in demand is because of its mobile-friendliness. Users spend more time on their mobile devices than other gadgets that can access the internet.

The excitement derived from YouTube videos is one of the major factors behind the demand to store such videos offline. Users do want to enjoy watching the videos they have seen on YouTube over and over without having to stream them online. Also, it must be mentioned that the traditional YouTube app allows for the offline download of files from YouTube. 

However, the versatility behind file formats has seen users crave their preferred videos in formats other than what is dished out by YouTube. This ensures the optimal use of their devices and allows for the smooth playing of these files without any glitch. One of such file formats in demand is the mp4 file format. 

Perhaps, you are one of such persons who would like their preferred YouTube file converted into mp4, or would like to help someone else convert theirs. You might have also discovered that converting YouTube into mp4 can be tasking. This is especially so when you have no clue of what tool to use or where to start from. Not to worry, this article is all you need. It will guide you on the top 5 YouTube to Mp4 converter sites in 2020. But first, here is what you must know about the mp4 (.mp4) file format.

What mp4 is

What comes to mind when you hear mp4? Does the idea of the mp4 being an upgrade to the mp3 spring up? Well, that is quite understandable. Still, it is a common misconception among many persons. They view the mp4 format as an upgrade to the mp3. Mp4 describes the MPEG-4, a digital container of multimedia files. Unlike the mp3 file format, which stores audios alone, mp4 stores data for files. It is capable of storing more than just videos. It could contain audios, text (subtitle files), and images. The mpeg4 file makes use of a lossless compression technique. It does this without dropping the quality of the compressed file. As it delivers great quality across the board, it is a vital tool for streaming content. Also, it is widely compatible with a whole lot of multiple-media players.  

Converting YouTube videos into mp4

Converting YouTube content into mp4 follows a common technique. Regardless of the file conversion tool in use, a few clicks are simply required to get your favorite YouTube file into the desired mp4 file format. The process involves: 

  1. Searching out for the preferred video on YouTube and copying its URL. 
  2. Clicking any of the top 5 YouTube to mp4 converter sites in 2020 as found below
  3. Pasting the copied URL of the YouTube file into the provided space for the conversion in the YouTube – mp4 converting tool.
  4. Choose the output file as the desired ‘.mp4’ format. 
  5. Select the ‘save’, ‘download’, or ‘convert’, options to start converting the desired YouTube file into mp4.
  6. Choose the target file destination on your local drive to store the converted YouTube file. 

The top 5 YouTube to mp4 converter sites in 2020

There is no denying that there are tons of YouTube to Mp4 converters online. There are just so many of these converters that users are likely to be left confused on deciding what converter to use. It must also be noted that these converters differ in their level of efficiency. So, you cannot expect the same results when you use several Youtube – Mp4 converters. Making use of a great converter will not only save you time and cost of internet data but will protect you against any malware attack. The effect of a malware attack can cause a huge setback as it exposes your files and data to unauthorized persons.  That is exactly why you must make use of the right YouTube converter sites for file conversions. These are the top 5 YouTube to mp4 converter sites in 2020 that will give you the best results.

  1. Ontiva
  2. Evano 
  3. Clip Converter
  4. VidPaw
  5. Officeconverter

Let us jump right into the mix and find out how to make the most of these sites. 

  1. Ontiva

Ontiva is an efficient video converter that makes this list of the top 5 YouTube to mp4 converter sites in 2020. This free online tool allows for the download and conversion of YouTube content into mp4 formats. Ontiva is innovative and comes with several features to make it one of the most reliable YouTube to Mp4 converters around. 


  • Ontiva gives access to a countless number of downloads and conversions. 
  • Users can convert YouTube content without having to download them first. 
  • User data protection is aided by the SSL encryption of the website.


  • Ontiva allows for easy navigation.  
  • Quick downloads with high-quality conversions. 
  • Ontiva is free to use. 
  • Relatively fast video downloads and conversions.
  • User registration is not required to use Ontiva. 
  • This conversion website does not demand any additional software for use. 


No known complaints at present. 

  1. Evano

Evano is another great YouTube to mp4 converting website in 2020. Users can download, convert, or edit their favorite videos from video hosting platforms like YouTube. Evano is available as a paid and free tool. And as expected, its paid option offers some advanced services than the free option. Evano hosts a video, audio, image editor, and a pdf manager to make it one of the most efficient conversion tool around. 


  • It has an archive manager that allows for the arrangement and structuring of user data.
  • Evano video converter allows for the conversion of videos into any file format.
  • It also features an image compressor tool to help users losslessly reduce jpg and save bandwidth. 
  • It has a PDF manager to create, separate, and combine PDF files.
  • Evano has an audio conversion tool that separates audios from videos. 
  • It also features a PNG optimizer, JPG optimizer, audio editor, and image converter to give users more options in accessing files online.


  • Evano converts YouTube content into any file format online like mp4. 
  • Users can convert up to 20 files per day, which is good enough for some persons.
  • It has several pricing options tailored to different needs.
  • Installation of any additional software is not required to convert files on this platform.
  • Evano servers do the heavy lifting of file conversions. Users are only expected to have a decent internet connection. 


  • The free plan only supports the conversion of 20 files in a given day. This can be a let-off for heavy users who want a free conversion service. 
  1. ClipConverter

ClipConverter is another top YouTube to Mp4 converter in 2020. ClipConverter allows for the conversion of YouTube content into mp4 with the video resolution reaching up to 720p. It also allows users to save YouTube files for offline consumption. ClipConverter is free to all and supports high-speed conversions. It requires no additional software to use. Users are only expected to find the URL of their favorite YouTube content, copy and paste it in the video URL bar found on ClipConverter’s website. Then select the file format for download. 


  • Supports several video sites including YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Dailymotion, Facebook, Soundcloud, and Vimeo.
  • ClipConverter supports mp4 format reaching full 1080p HD, WebM 360, and 3gp and mp3 file formats. 
  • It also offers cloud support


  • No need for installation of a third party software to use ClipConverter
  • Supports Android, Windows phone and iOs devices
  • ClipConverter can save files directly to a user’s One Drive or Dropbox cloud storage 
  • Great file editor that can add metadata, insert mp3 art cover and cut files. 
  • ClipConverter is free
  • It supports a wide range of conversion options for both video and audio
  • ClipConverter remains a simple conversion tool.


  • The conversion speed largely depends on the speed of the user’s internet connection
  1. VidPaw

Users have another awesome YouTube converter in VidPaw, which features in the top 5 YouTube to Mp4 converter sites in 2020. Users can download and convert right from any website of their choice using VidPaw. VidPaw is customer-centric and it offers a host of online services other than the downloading and conversion of videos to give users a vivid experience. These include video recording, burning and ripping DVDs, video editing, and a Blu-Ray player.


  • It supports video conversions and downloads into several formats all for free
  • It allows for watermark changes as well as quality enhancements and subtitles. 
  • It gives users a screen-recording feature and other editorial tools 
  • VidPaw also features a ripping and burning tool for DVDs and Blu-Rays. 


  • VidPaw requires just 2 simple steps to download and convert files.
  • It is 100% free to use. 
  • It has tons of additional features including ripping and burning of DVDs, screen recording, and video editing.
  • It has a mobile app for easy access to mobile users. VidPaw is available on android and Mac. 
  • Streaming and conversion of videos and audios can be done on VidPaw in an instance 
  • It allows for the conversion of YouTube content into 1080p, 720p, 8K, 4K, and 2K.
  • It requires no extra software for conversion
  • It has an email support system in place. 


  • VidPaw can be relatively slow
  • VidPaw requires a subscription to convert YouTube files into mp3. 
  1. Office Converter

Office Converter also makes the list of the top 5 YouTube to Mp4 converter sites in 2020. It is one of the efficient converting tools you will find online. With a completely free conversion service, Office Converter offers support across mobile, pc, and tablets. Apart from videos, Office Converter renders a wide range of conversion tasks that includes the conversions of audio, documents, images, and eBooks. As a video converter, it allows for the batch upload of files and it is one of the simplest YouTube to Mp4 converters you will find online. And it is completely free. It has a free membership which requires registration and allows for large file conversions of up to 1gb. None registration allows only the conversion of files that do not exceed 50mb in size. It also supports a wide range of video formats including WMV, AVI, MOV, RMVB, TS, SWF, ASF, FLV, VOB, MKV, RM, XviD, WebM, M1V, VCD, 3G2, DV, DivX, and 3GP. 


  • Quick conversion services of any video format into mp4. 
  • It deletes uploaded files automatically after 24 hours
  • Drag and Drop feature on desktop browsers
  • It requires a free account registration for its membership program.
  • Membership support for the conversion of large files reaching up to 1gb.
  • Conversion of files below 50mb for users without an account 


  • Registration is free
  • Conversion is quick
  • It supports batch conversions
  • It is completely free
  • Drag and drop support
  • Easy to use platform that can be navigated with ease. 
  • It requires no additional software


  • Users must have an account for conversions of large files

Points to note when converting YouTube to Mp4

Before converting your favorite YouTube content into Mp4, you must have some of these points in mind: 

  • Prolonged display time

Mp4 files sometimes take a longer time frame to show a video online. This is especially so when the viewing site suspends prebuffering. And this can impact on the total duration of viewing the file. 

  • Larger space

Converting your favorite YouTube video into high-quality Mp4 files requires an increased storage size. This is so because the output file, which is of a higher quality, comes out larger and takes more space on the local storage. So, if you are not set to forfeit some storage space for your YouTube videos, then you have to rethink converting the files into mp4 in the first place. 

  • Copyright risk

Converting YouTube files increases your chances of copyright infringement. Before converting any file, you must ensure that it is non-copyrighted. In a case where it is, seek out the owner’s permission before converting the video for personal use. 

Wrapping Up

Converting your YouTube files to mp4 can be very easy. Especially when you have the right information and tool. With these top 5 YouTube to Mp4 converter sites in 2020, you can now commence your YouTube to mp4 conversions. These sites will give you several added features that will get your YouTube file converted into mp4. But it is up to you to decide which one of them suits you best.