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What is the best YouTube converter with no virus?

The best YouTube video converter with no virus is Ontiva’s YouTube converter. You will find several reasons for this choice. The first factor in becoming the best converter is its website-based operation. This is not a software or app that needs to be installed. You can convert anything online without any software and apps. 

Having online-based operation, this converter is fast and easy to use. Surprisingly, it does not carry any malware or virus with the converted file. After every conversion, it deletes the previous data automatically. Thus, there is no option of creating any virus and personal thread for your information.

The best feature of this converter is its unlimited file format capacity. You don’t need to take any permission to convert thousands of files in a day. This site is free for all and has unlimited storage. Next, you will find all possible converting formats in the list such as MP4, MP2, MP3, AVI, MOV, and so on. You can customize the bit rate for the sake of fixing the audio quality. Then, you can select the downloading location. The developers of this converter aim to serve all the possible video and audio editing services under one platform.

To convert anything in Ontiva’s YouTube converter, just follow some easy steps. First, open Ontiva’s YouTube converter in a browser. Go to YouTube and search for your targeted video. Copy the link of the video and come back to the converter. Paste the link in the search box on the top of the converter. Select the format you want to convert such as MP4, MP3, AVI, or anything else. Then, click on the start button. It will convert the file within a few seconds. Set the location where you want to download the converted file and click on the download button. You have the file.

To avoid any breakage during the conversion, make sure you have a good internet connection. If you have any antivirus in your device, then you may have to turn it off for a while. The authority of this converter has already ensured that it does not carry any virus in the converted file. You are secured to use this converter for unlimited operation. 

For your better experience, the developers of the converter offer you three different jobs under one platform. With this converter, you can convert, cut, and join any mp3 file free.            

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