Youtube To FLV Converter

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Ontiva’s YouTube to FLV Converter is a tool that converts YouTube videos to FLV efficiently. You may have known that FLV video files are the default video files for many websites and gadgets. That means, converting from YouTube to FLV is essential for online distribution.

What is an FLV file?

FLV stands for Flash Video. It is a file that uses the Adobe Flash Player to deliver digital content-- whether that’s audio or video-- over the Internet. At one time, almost all embedded videos on the Internet used in such websites as Hulu and YouTube use FLV. Streaming services also had FLV as a standard at one point but is now losing popularity with the rise of HTML5.

Flash Videos (Flash has been called Animate since 2016) may also use the F4V format. It is similar to FLV but with slight differences. For instance, FLV files can help generate an HTML web page but F4V files cannot.

FLV vs MP4

MP4 is the more popular file format, and thus, it often comes out triumphant every time we make a comparison between FLV and MP4. Youtube to MP4 is the more versatile format and typically does not need any special plugin so it can be played in a device. FLV files could not be played on mobile devices at all, which is a blow, albeit not a fatal one, for the reputation of the file format.

Even so, FLV files are still widely used mainly in video-sharing platforms such as YouTube and web pages. It may be limited in that capacity, but since it is used for such important purposes, it likely won’t go away anytime soon.

When To Convert From YouTube To FLV

Since FLV is primarily a file format used by and can be played only in web pages, then the primary reason to convert YouTube to FLV is online distribution, streaming, and embedding.

That said, it cannot be understated how important the characteristics of FLV files are to web designers. In its limited versatility, FLV files are consistent and dependable, meaning, if it does play on a particular web page, then you can be sure that every person who accessed that same website has the same experience. When it comes to interactive content, the FLV file format is in a league of its own and is used by industry giants such as Google Video and Amazon as its primary video platform.

With that being said, other than the FLV file format’s highly specialized usage, the better choice is always to convert YouTube to Mp4.

How to Convert from Youtube To FLV

Using Ontiva’s powerful online converter, you can easily convert from YouTube to FLV by following these steps:

Copy and paste the URL video of the YouTube video you want to convert.
Select the necessary settings and the output format.
To begin the conversion process, click Convert.
Download the converted video and save it to your desired destination folder.

Why Use Ontiva?

There have been dozens of online YouTube converters or YouTube downloaders or MP3 Juice around, but none has perfected the craft from all angles than Ontiva. Our service does not stop on file conversions, but also offers cutting-edge video and audio tools, document managers, archive managers and everything in between.

We encourage you to try to look around and use our free plans as a start. If you need more from us, we are more than glad to deliver you what you deserve with our premium accounts. From there, we hope it will be no turning back as we aspire to be the best in the world in what we do.