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As of now, several kinds of video file formats are supported by various video-sharing platforms such as YouTube. One of these file formats is MOV, but as far as file conversion is concerned, we got that covered. Our conversion software can go from Youtube To MOV Converter Mac Online. Before we show you how to do that, let’s examine carefully what a MOV file is.

What is a MOV file?

MOV is a video file format used natively by Apple Quicktime and iTunes. It uses an advanced proprietary algorithm developed by Apple but is also compatible with other non-Apple systems such as Windows. MOV is known for using tracks, or physical divisions, which is stored in the container, or wrapper format. The container format inside the MOV may contain tracks that have different types of data such as, audio, video, text, and others.

You can see MOV files, particularly in Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads, because every recorded video of the device is saved in that file format.

MOV vs MP4

MOV is actually a predecessor of the MP4 format, and is the basis of the development of the latter; MOV is MPEG-4, Part 12 and MP4 is MPEG-4, Part 14. MP4 was later used as an industry standard, but they are pretty much like twins whose only difference is the hairstyle. They use the same lossy compression standards, and in a Quicktime environment, the two are just interchangeable. Outside of Apple, though, conversion between these two file formats could be a little complicated.

So, which file format should you choose? Would you go for YouTube to MOV or YouTube to MP4? Quite frankly, there is not much difference if you’d go for one or the other as far as conversions are concerned. They do not have tangible effects on the quality of the video, and your choice should only be based on the application.

When To Convert From YouTube To MOV

It is ideal for converting from YouTube to MOV when you use a Mac or any Apple device. Naturally, they developed MOV, so in an Apple environment, using their native file format is safe and efficient.

Even so, you may need to learn a thing or two about MOV First, MOV files tend to have a bigger file size than MP4 and other video file formats. Second, it can be used by professionals because it allows individual elements to be isolated when editing or during playback.

Other than for the reason mentioned above, it is probably easier to go with MP4 over MOV on many occasions. It is supported by much more programs and applications and is more flexible, so you may have to go with that direction.

How to Convert from Youtube To MOV

The procedure to convert from YouTube to MOV is the same in converting YouTube to MP3 and YouTube to MP4. Our online YouTube converter and video downloader can convert to MOV in these steps:

You have the option to upload the MOV file if it is already in your computer but if you want to convert directly from YouTube, paste the video URL in the box.
Select the necessary settings and then click “Convert.”
Download the file after conversion.

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