Youtube To MP2 Converter Download

Ontiva aims to provide you with the largest number of input and output file formats, and we desire to leave no stones unturned. That’s why our Youtube To MP2 Converter Download does precisely as what its name suggests, convert a YouTube video file to an MP2 Format.

What is the MP2 file format?

Many convert YouTube to Mp3 converters or video downloaders, MP3 Juice offer conversion to more accessible formats such as MP3 and MP4, but they sometimes leave the MP2 behind. What, exactly, is an MP2 file format?

The MP2 is a shortened form of the MPEG-1 Layer II Compressed file. (In contrast, MP3 is the MPEG-1 Layer III Compressed File.) It is not the same thing as the MPEG-2 video file which uses the MPG file extension. It has also been referred to as Musicam, which is not entirely accurate. Musicam (which is short for Masking pattern adapted Universal Subband Integrated Coding And Multiplexing) is an audio codec developed by CCETT in 1989.

With the widespread use of the Internet and video-sharing platforms and applications, MP3 has easily won the popularity contest over its brother, the MP2. However, MP2 remains an industry-standard in the world of TV radio and digital TV broadcasting because it allows for a higher sound quality and error flexibility, tolerating bitrates of up 256 kbps and higher.

For the exact same reasons mentioned, most audio players do not support playing MP2 files. However, you will find no shortage of media players that allow MP2 since Apple’s QuickTime and iTunes, as well as the VLC Media Player and the Microsoft Windows Media Player, supports it.

Why Convert From YouTube To MP2?

The same principle can be applied in any type of conversion; if you’re converting from one file format to another, you don’t expect that the converted file results in a better quality than the original format.

However, if you want to retain the audio quality of the format, you may need to convert a YouTube video to MP2 (or any other format of choice such as FLAC). That should be the case, especially if the audio is for a radio broadcast or similar purposes. Moreover, some DVD players may not support audio files of any format except MP2, but this is a rare occurrence.

Can I Convert From MP2 to MP3 or MP2 to Other File Formats?

As previously mentioned, you may have audio files for specific purposes such as radio or TV broadcasting. Still, MP2 files may not be supported elsewhere and may have to be converted to MP3 (or other file formats), so it can be used for another particular purpose.

That’s not a problem because our tool is not only a Youtube To MP2 Converter, it also processes MP2 to other file formats. To do this, you only need to follow the same procedures-- select an MP2 file from your computer or wherever you saved it, choose an output format you desire, and let us do the work by clicking “Convert.” Afterwards, you may download the converted file for your enjoyment.