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Our YouTube downloader and YouTube to MP3 converter does not limit itself with the popular formats but can also convert to other obscure audio file formats such as OGG. Before using our online YouTube to OOG converter, let’s know more about this file format and its origin.

What is an OGG file?

OGG is a pretty versatile multimedia container format that may hold audio data but also video, text (subtitle files), and metadata such as artist and track information. It is free and unpatented while being maintained and developed by the foundation.

The OGG file extension may also be used in conjunction with or called an Ogg Vorbis compressed audio file, but that’s not entirely accurate. In its multimedia framework, the audio layer of Ogg files is provided by the Vorbis format while Theora supports the lossy video layer. In other words, Vorbis is just one of the items in the lunchbox, which, in this case, is an OGG file.

OGG or MP3?

Many of the conversions done through online youtube downloaders and converters are from YouTube to MP3. That should be understandable because of how convenient MP3 is, but there are advantages in converting from YouTube to OGG. While OGG (with the Vorbis audio layer) and MP3 are both lossy formats, the sound quality of the former is better than the latter. The OGG Vorbis format can also compress a file into a smaller size than MP3.

The fact that OGG is an open-source format can also be advantageous in certain respects. Wikipedia, for example, uses the OGG Vorbis and Theora layers because of these reasons, as well as many video games and the digital music service Spotify. If you are a video game developer or want to include audio or videos on your website, using MP3 could cost you a lot of money in royalties while OGG remains free.

Remember, though, that many media players such as QuickTime, iTunes, RealPlayer, and Windows Media Player do not natively support OGG files. If you have an Apple Device, you will have to download VLC Media Player and similar apps so you can play OGG files. Browsers such as Opera, Chrome, and Firefox can stream online OGG files.

How to Convert from Youtube To OGG

Ontiva’s conversion service currently supports conversion from YouTube to OGG (as well as YouTube to MP3, YouTube to Mp4, YouTube to WAV and other formats).

Paste the YouTube video URL to the bar.
Select the output format, which, in this case, is OGG.
Select the bitrate and other settings that apply.
Click “Convert” and wait for a few moments to finish the conversion.
After a quick conversion process, you can now download your converted file.

Aside from YouTube to OGG, we also convert different input formats to OGG, such as MP3 to OGG, WAV to OGG, WMV to OGG, and more. Our online video conversion service also converts OGG to other formats, but if you are having trouble converting your file from and to OGG, go ahead and contact us, and we will do it for you.