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Top Youtube To OGG Converter Sites In 2020

ontiva August 7, 02020 No comment

YouTube remains the home to tons of amazing content. Whatever your interest is, whether news, sport, music, infotainment, or comedy skits, YouTube gives you in large doses. Regardless of the benefits that you derive from YouTube, you are restricted to the online use of its services.

There are many reasons why you might want to get your favorite show, song, or video clip on Youtube offline. For one thing, you can use them while at another task. Your downloaded files can also serve in areas where you have a limited internet connection and cannot stream online. In such cases, you need to download your files offline for the best experience.  

There are numerous file extensions to get your files depending on the purpose and the device at your disposal. File extensions like MPEG4 (.mp4) and MPEG3 (.mp3) are very easy to come by. One such file extensions that make YouTube content readily available for use is the Ogg (.ogg) extension. What is the Ogg extension, how can you open .ogg file formats, and convert YouTube files into Ogg? Here is all you must know about converting YouTube content into an Ogg file.  

What is Ogg? 

You might have known before now that Youtube uses the mpeg4 (.mp4) as its default file format. Files with the ‘.ogg’ extension are compressed Ogg Vorbis files. Such files hold audio data including metadata, track, and artist information. For non-audio files, ogg files serve as Origin Graph files that require a graphing program to access them.  

Even though the MPEG4 format works great across multiple platforms, Ogg offers efficient editing and streaming capabilities. Xiph.org foundation created and maintains the free Ogg video file format. 

Ogg vs MP3

The open-sourced Ogg was initially made as an MP3 alternative. As the Mp3 developers demanded royalties on any commercial use of the Mp3, the development of an alternative was only a matter of time. And that gave rise to the development of the Ogg file format by Xiph.org. Ogg is a free and smaller audio file size when compared to an Mp3 file producing the same quality.  

Data chunks known as pages make up Ogg files. This is largely the reason why they are smaller than other multimedia files. Other file types make use of layers in housing their audio and video components unlike Ogg, which uses pages. 

How to open Ogg Files

Gaining access to your ogg file is quite easy. This is because many music players including, Windows Media Player, VLC, Mplayer, Audials One, Xion Audio Player as well as Adobe audition can play them. You can access ogg files online with the use of Google Drive. 

Ogg files can be opened across multiple platforms including Linux and Macs. You can use Zinf, Amarok, VLC, and Miro to access ogg on Linux. While Elmedia Player and Roxio Toast are great options to open ogg files on Macs. 

How to convert YouTube files to Ogg

There are various tools and sites to convert YouTube files into Ogg. However, these tools share a common principle in getting the desired file format (.ogg). The common steps include: 

  • Selecting the YouTube file
  • Obtain its link- You can copy this from the address bar or the YouTube share button.
  • Paste the copied link into YouTube to Ogg converter. 
  • Select a file format of your choice. You must note that some converters only offer limited audio quality options. 

Even though the different conversion tools slightly differ from each other, the process above explains the overall technique guiding them. That said, let us discuss some of the conversion tools and see how you can make the most of them. 

YouTube to Ogg Conversion Tools 

  1. Catchvideo.net

Catchvideo.net is a great resource to get Ogg files. This website is suitable for downloading and converting videos as well as audios. Here, you can download files from various sites including Facebook and YouTube. Catchvideo.net allows you to transform YouTube files into Ogg, MP3, and FLAC without copy protection. Catchvideo.net can be used as an addon in Chrome and Mozilla browsers for faster and easier use. 

Converting Youtube to Ogg using Catchvideo.net 

Obtain the link of the file on YouTube.

  • Paste the URL link of the YouTube file on the bar.
  • Choose Ogg as the output format. You can also select the channel and bitrate information of your choice.
  • Tap convert.
  1. VideoProc

It is no secret that VideoProc is one of the best YouTube conversion software around. It allows for the conversion of YouTube files into Ogg with the assistance of level-3 GPU acceleration. 

Conversion of YouTube files to Ogg using VideoProc

  • Open VideoProc, tap download, then click add music
  • Copy the YouTube URL from the website and paste it on VideoProc
  • VideoProc will propose to you a minimum of two alternatives of the file in various quality. Click download after selecting the quality you want.
  • Convert the YouTube file to Ogg 
  • Proceed to the major interface of VideoProc. Tap Video > +Music, in that order to convert the Youtube file.
  • Proceed to the category entitled Target Format, then tap Music and select Ogg.
  • Once everything is set, Start converting the youtube file to Ogg by tapping RUN.
  1. YouTube-OGG

Although sometimes unstable, YouTube-OGG is straightforward when converting youtube videos into Ogg. Within minutes, you can convert any file on YouTube without copy protection into a wide range of file formats from OGG, FLAC, AC3, to M4A.

Converting YouTube into Ogg using YouTube-OGG

  • Paste the YouTube file URL at the video URL, then tap on continue.
  • Choose Ogg as the converting format.
  • Tap on download to begin converting.
  1. VideoMP3Convert 

With all its downsides from being packed with ads and slow conversion time, VideoMP3Convert gets the job done. This web application requires no registration and does a pretty decent job of converting YouTube files into Ogg. 

Conversion of YouTube files into Ogg using VideoMP3Convert

  • Copy the link of the YouTube file you wish to convert.
  • Paste the link in VideoMP3Convert
  • Select Ogg as the output format
  • Tap convert
  • Tap download, then Save link to save the Ogg file.

5. Anything2mp3

Anything2mp3 is one of the renowned ways of converting YouTube to Ogg. And it is free to use.  This conversion tool is one of the safest spots to convert YouTube files into Ogg. Also, it supports other file formats including MP3, WMA, and AAC. 

Converting YouTube to Ogg using Anything2mp3

  • Copy the link of the YouTube file that you want to convert.
  • Paste the link in the conversion box.
  • Tap on the download link from the URL
  • Choose Ogg as the output format and choose a preferred bitrate. Anything2mp3 supports several bitrates, which includes 320K, 192K, 128K, and 96K.
  • Tap convert file.

Wrapping Up

There are several reasons why you need to convert files from YouTube to Ogg. Whether you are converting for compatibility reasons or to manage your storage, getting the task done can sometimes be tricky. But that should not be the case anymore. Knowing the best tools to get your files converted from YouTube to Ogg allows you to retain a compression ratio of 90% without missing out on quality.